Keeneland 4/24 picks

Check this link often if you want to see Thursday’s picks.

Keeneland 4/24 - Best picks ever

I thought about coming back tomorrow, but I probably will not be very sharp. Thursday looks better anyway, as more quality horses are entered.

Do you have any questions about anything?

I expect to be back in California on Friday, if anyone wants to see Golden Gate Fields with me this weekend.

Some notes

Everyone loves short notes. Here are some.

  • The mysterious new confessions blog was deleted! Even though I was not the author, I know why the blog was deleted and disagreed.
  • I’m going to add Uncle Sigh to my list of horses to use in the Derby. He’s working fast, which is what I want to read. I hope to use Social Inclusion, Wicked Strong, Samraat and Uncle Sigh.
  • Bob Baffert does not believe Chitu should even be in the Kentucky Derby, according to a forum source. Yet, Chitu is not ruled out.

Thoroughbred Racing Confessions

I just found a new “racing confessions” blog on Tumblr.

Aren’t confession blogs always fun?

webuiltthepyramids replied to your post: “webuiltthepyramids replied to your post: “webuiltthepyramids replied…”:
Smith did that with Seabiscuit too. At least with working him.

That’s true.

I read most of the Seabiscuit book that the movie is based on. Smith scratched Seabiscuit a whole lot and got into a ducking contest with War Admiral’s connections leading up to the match race, I think.

I was at a coffee shop in Seattle a few hours ago. The Social Inclusion lock screen wallpaper remains!

I was at a coffee shop in Seattle a few hours ago. The Social Inclusion lock screen wallpaper remains!

That’s because this morning, and every morning until horse, trainer and their media shadow head east to Churchill Downs for the big race on 3 May, for about 20 minutes the track is a no-go zone for everyone but California Chrome and his rider.

Los Alamitos puts in extra security for California Chrome’s workouts.

webuiltthepyramids replied to your post: “webuiltthepyramids replied to your post: “Eblouissante scratched from…”:
I have no idea. They keep scratching him the day before or the day of a race and entering him a few days later only to scratch again. I have no idea why they keep doing that.

I’m reminded of a legendary trainer.

Bobby Frankel always had a scratching habit. He was also one of the greatest handicappers, and just happened to be a trainer too, so he played the scratching game well.

Screw it, let’s get hammered tonight.

Bayern to Social Inclusion, after hearing Dance With Fate stays pointed towards the Kentucky Derby.

webuiltthepyramids replied to your post: “Eblouissante scratched from Santa Lucia”:
They’re doing that with Brown Almighty too that horse has been scratched from at least a dozen races over the past six months.

Well, it doesn’t affect my opinion here. But, what’s wrong with Brown Almighty?

Eblouissante scratched from Santa Lucia

For the sake of her fans, I just hope this doesn’t mean Shirreffs will take another 20 workouts before running her again!

The official reason was “respiratory ailment.”

Do you believe?

Just because I don’t like a horse, doesn’t mean I don’t want them to run if they’re healthy, just as people go to baseball games and don’t necessarily like a team, but they can still wish all the players well.

All Shirreffs does though is tease Eblouissante’s fans. Just retire her.

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